As two people who have grown up around and owned many different types of dogs, the word dog has become synonymous with family. Now we're creating a different kind of family - the Ramble and Rescue family - and we promise to treat your furry family as though they're our own. Our motivation for starting Ramble and Rescue grew out of the lack of trust we had experienced with the dog walking service we were using.

As two working professionals, it was extremely important that Sadie (our loveable senior Beagle rescue) received her walk at a particular time throughout the day. Unfortunately, within the first couple of weeks, we discovered that the walker would come at a different time each day, which sometimes left Sadie without water, a walk or bathroom break for hours. We always had a dream to start a pet care business that makes a difference to those in need, like our Sadie, and there was no time like the present. 

But rambling is only half the story...then there's Sadie's Story

- Lauren and Trevor