We know every dog is different and so we want to make sure your dog is getting THEIR ideal amount of exercise and play. We're completely open to discussing a custom walk plan with you if any of our dog walking packages don't fit the bill. And don't forget: $1 from EVERY walk goes to a different rescue organization each month. Check our Rescue page to see who we're helping this month. 

For your peace of mind:
  • We will always try and make sure your dog has the same walker and you will get a text message once we have arrived and when we're leaving.
  • There is no extra charge for evenings or weekend walks
  • We'll always make sure that there's no dirty paws and that water bowl is full!
  • We are insured, bonded and all of our walkers have pet first aid training.
  • Does your pup need extra food or medication during the day? Tell us the details and we'll handle it. 

The Classic: A 30-minute private walk around your neighbourhood. Nothing like some peace and quiet: $22.50 plus HST

The Party: A good ol' fashioned romp in a fenced-in off-leash park (maximum 4 dogs to a group). Generally lasts between 30-45 minutes not including transportation time: $18 plus HST

The Buddy: A 30-60 minute long, on-leash walk with a "buddy" (aka another dog in the hood). We'll go at their pace for as long as they can go: $18 plus HST (*Subject to availability. We only buddy dogs who are within a 5 minute drive or 10 minute walk of each other). 

The Workaholic: Work longer than 9 to 5 and don't want your pup getting lonely during the day? We'll come by twice a day (at your preferred times) for one 30-minute morning walk and an afternoon play and pee break. $30 plus HST

The New Kid: We'll come take your puppy out for a 30-minute private walk (Using a training program? Give us a copy and we'll work on it too!) and have a 30-minute pee break and play session later in the day: $30 plus HST (Want two full walks a day? It's a slightly higher price: $35 plus HST) 

The Sadie Special: Old folks only! We know that senior dogs take a little more time and patience. We'll only take them out for as long as they want. What if they can't make it for a full 30 minute walk? We'll hang with them at home for the rest of the time: $20 plus HST

The Athlete: So someone has a little more energy than the rest of the pack? Let's run it out. We'll take them on a 20-30 minute run (on leash) and see who's faster: $25 plus HST

Need our help 5 days a week? We offer discount packages to daily clients. 

Have more than one dog? Each additional dog is 50% off. We accept cash, cheque, credit card or e-mail money transfer.

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