Lauren: It all started with a photo. As an avid animal rescuer and supporter, I just so happen to find myself browsing the adoption pages of rescue organizations from time to time. If I could, I would take in every dog but there was something about Sadie's face. The titled head. The mournful eyes. Then when I got to reading her story, there was no turning back. 

Unfortunately like so many dogs in shelters, Sadie experienced too many years of neglect. We don't know a lot about her story but what we know is that she was in a shelter in Upstate New York when she was 9 years old (not a desirable adoption age). A young family adopted her and within a year, found they didn't have the time to care for her. Instead of returning her to the shelter, they left their backyard gate open hoping she would run away. Sadie got out multiple times and was returned by kind strangers. Thankfully on her fourth escape, Sadie was found by a Bernard's Beagle Rescue supporter. The organization convinced the family to surrender her to them and they got her immediate medical attention (Sadie had a tumour on her tail and badly needed dental work).  

Before I knew it the application was filled out and I was in contact with Sadie's foster in Syracuse, New York. Within three weeks, I was making the drive across the border to pick up our sweet girl. It's hard to imagine why someone would have ever given her up.

Sadly, our Sadie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 21, 2017, two years to the day of her adoption date, after battling many health issues in the time she was with us. She was the perfect mixture of sweet and hilarious (she had an obsession with her duck toy, but only her duck.) We knew from day one our time was limited with her so we made it our mission everyday to make her happy and feel loved. Little did we know the legacy she would leave behind and the way she has forever changed our lives. We needed her as much as she needed us. 

Adopting Sadie reaffirmed for us how many other sweet and hilarious dogs are locked up in shelters waiting for their forever family. For many organizations, it's unfortunately a matter of fundraising to get the dogs the help the need while in the shelter and finding foster families to temporarily take them in until they can find a home. 

SO. Now I bet you're thinking what are we are going to do about it....check out our Rescue page to see how we're giving back with EVERY dog walk.